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Food Safety & Analysis Congress 2016

SELECTBIO is pleased to announce the 3rd Annual Food Safety & Analysis Congress. SELECTBIO is pleased to announce the 3rd Annual Food Safety & Analysis Congress; part of our Cambridge Workshop..

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3D Bioprinting

This inaugural SELECTIO event will bring together leading international scientists, engineers and clinicians to discuss this rapidly developing field. Leading international scientists, engineers and clinicians will discuss this rapidly developing field at this..

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Genome Engineering 2016

Researchers and industry leaders will discuss the principles, challenges and applications of the genome engineering. Topics will include CRISPR/Cas9 Systems and their applications and challenges, and other genome editing tools like TALENs, ZNFs and their applications for therapeutic benefit. Researchers and industry leaders will come together at this 2nd annual congress to discuss the principles, challenges..

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A happier, healthier you awaits Great Shelford

A slimmer who transformed her life when she found Slimming World is using her success as a consultant to open a new morning group in Great Shelford. Sue Underwood runs the award-winning Harston evening group and is determined to help even more people achieve their weight loss dreams. As the nation is in the midst of Diabetes Week the battle to fight type 2 diabetes, which is by large due to poor eating habits resulting..

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My days of “weighting” are finally over!

Sarah McCambridge, who lost 2st 4lbs with Slimming World, is looking forward to becoming a consultant and help others to achieve their weight loss dream. “I always felt like I was putting things off…. I need some new clothes, but I’ll wait until I’ve lost weight first. I want to join a gym..

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