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You get out what you puddin’ Sutton

Added on: 23rd May, 2017 by Victoria_27707

You get out what you puddin’ Sutton

Siobhan's ready to supercharge Sutton

Last Updated:
Tue, 23 May 2017

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Budding creative baker hangs up the oven gloves to start her Slimming World Group.

We were intrigued to find out more about this budding cake baker, who has swapped baking for image therapy as we talk to the new Slimming World Consultant who will be relaunching Sutton group on Monday evenings.

Like so many of us, Siobhan struggled with her weight for nearly 20 years, since going to University and during that time, has been from a size 12 to a size 20 and everywhere in between. Having tried all manner of ‘diets’ (if you can call some of them that) her weight would yoyo up and down along with her mood and her levels of self-confidence. Siobhan was only too aware of Slimming World as a healthy eating plan, and indeed had been semi successful in following the plan in the past, but would give in too easily or believe she could ‘go it alone’. The weight soon came back.

In late 2015, Siobhan knew she had to get back to a Slimming World group but kept putting it off, and gaining yet more weight in the meantime. It was not until February 2016, when a friend of hers recommended a group she attended that Siobhan plucked up the courage once more. The Littleport was not exactly local to Siobhan, but at least she would know someone there and hoped it would not be too hard to walk through those doors and face the scales and the reality of her weight. Relief flooded over her as she realized that she enjoyed it and she need not have been worried and before long, Siobhan really wanted to go back week after week. The group made her feel safe, and welcome; the members were friendly, and receptive. The Image Therapy after weigh in, was fun and informative and with regular taster weeks, there was always something to learn or share with other members. During Image Therapy there was no judgment, only help and encouragement on offer.

The plan is so very easy to follow; you really can eat a lot of food and should never feel hungry, but life seemed to get in the way and it was not a straightforward journey for Siobhan. Siobhan was still going to every class even became an integral member of the group by helping on the pay table, but if she is honest, she was no longer losing weight. Siobhan was kidding myself that she was following the plan 100%. Siobhan was still food optimising and eating plenty of the right foods, but the syns were out of control and certainly not within the daily amount! Her cake making was taking its toll, (she was consuming far too much buttercream!) Then it was the summer and a holiday and then a bad week at work and, and, and. It was soon excuse after excuse!

However, in late September 2016, something Siobhan’s consultant told her suddenly helped it all ‘click’ and the following week she lost 5lb and then 1/2, then 1, then 3, then 1 and on it went… Siobhan even won Slimmer of the Month for October, something which she had never achieved in the past. The food optimising was working, as it should do - Siobhan had re discovered her mojo and was over the moon. With a full time job, baking cakes part time, three beautiful dogs and her partner who has an 8-year-old son, there was rarely any down time or thinking time, but she simply felt she had to find the time for her. After all, the whole family could eat the same as she was.

Over the coming months, having spent that time focusing on herself and her own goals, Siobhan came to realise that she wanted to share this wonderful plan and its amazing results with more people. Slimming World has helped her grow my confidence once more and she feels fantastic.

'I know this is sustainable. It's so easy I'm maintaining my weight loss for the first time with out yo-yoing & I'm surrounded by positivity & support. I absolutly love it.' Siobhan is super excited to get the opportunity to support others achieve their dream weight., and is still on her weight loss journey, which places her in an ideal position to help support existing and new members of Sutton.

Siobhan feels that she needs to ‘rise’ to the occasion, as it is the ‘yeast’ she can do for the community of Sutton and the surrounding area.

So what are you ‘weighting’ for, go and get a ‘slice’ of this action and join Siobhan from the 29th May on Monday evenings at 5.30 or 7.30 at The Brookfields Centre, The Brook, Sutton, Ely CB6 2QQ. 07704 720438

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