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Local resident relaunching Slimming World Group after slimming in 9 months

Added on: 8th August, 2017 by Rebecca_37992

Local resident relaunching Slimming World Group after slimming in 9 months

Before and after pictures of the Slimming World consultant who lost 2 and 1/2 stone in 9 months and is still striving to lose another stone. Who now wants to help others to achieve their own dream weight.

Last Updated:
Tue, 9 January 2018

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A busy Mum of two who was been supported to lose weight with her local Slimming World group and now feels she is the lightest she has been for many years. Becky Johns lost 2 and ˝ stone in nine months and has not looked back. She is still aiming to lose another stone to reach her target. In August, she will be starting a new challenge to help others to feel the benefits of losing weight and still being able to eat!

Now she has trained as a Consultant for Slimming World, the UK’s largest group based weight loss organisation, at their National Training Academy in Derbyshire. Members at the group are getting ready to welcome Becky Johns as their new Consultant when she takes over the group on 14th August 2017.

Becky found it really difficult to look at herself when she was her heaviest and can find hardly any pictures of herself as she has avoided them for so long. She felt ashamed of herself and didn’t want to join in the different activities her friends and family were doing. Starting to lose the weight has made an amazing difference to her physically and mentally and she has never felt healthier, happier and less tired and now has the energy to play and enjoy the energy her children have and to join in their games.

Walking into a group for the first time was really daunting and nerve wracking. Becky had the support of her sister-in-law, but still did not know what to expect. However, when she walked through that door to an amazing smile and welcome from the Consultant and members who were already there she never looked back. She has never felt humiliated or had her weight disclosed to the group and has never felt awkward or isolated from the group. When she has had tough weeks, she has used the closed Facebook page for inspiration and all the members are really supportive and helpful. She also feels in control of her weight loss journey as she could choose her own target. Becky relishes in the fact that she never feels alone at Slimming World and there is always someone to talk to. She feels she has made a lot of friends at Slimming World had so much fun in a really supportive group who made her feel welcome, respected and valued from walking through the door. She feels she would not have made all the correct choices in the last nine months without this support.

Becky’s eating habits have changed dramatically since starting Slimming World and she managed to lose 5lb in the first week. The family used to eat a lot of quick dishes the children’s favourites from the frozen section of the supermarket, but the whole family are now eating extra healthy meals with added vegetables (speed food). Becky loves the fact that she never feels hungry and the fact she has the freedom to enjoy real food! The changes she has put in place is as simple as using Frylight instead of oil and ensuring meat is as lean as possible! Burger in a bowl is a family favourite and her husband who is currently not a member will regularly ask for this dish. Every meal in a week is planned out and the ingredients bought at the beginning of the week. This is then followed even if not in the exact order. This allows the family to make healthier choices. Becky said, “Our herbs and spices collection is a lot larger than it has ever been!” Becky also enjoys the Slimming World Hi Fi bars that can be purchased at the group and especially trying the limited-edition ones. Chocca Mocha is the current limited flavour.

Becky feels so much more energetic now and has even been caught running! She loves using her bike again and has started a belly dancing class (The Shimmying Buckletons) and a kettle bells work out. She has already achieved her Gold Body Magic Award doing these activities for up to 150 minutes a week spread over five days for a total of eight weeks. Now she is striving for her platinum body magic where this amount of exercise is being achieved every week no matter what and is a part of her everyday life. These awards have encouraged Becky to do small easy steps to increase her activity.

Slimming world is a way of life that allows you to eat real food and make the correct choices with a consultant in every group who is there with you supporting you in lots of different ways and it works if you follow the plan 100%.

Becky is also relaunching the Fulbourn group on 14th August 2017 at 5:30pm and 7:30pm if you feel you need to find out more information or would like to experience a group come along everyone is welcome and enjoy the fun.

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