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Added on: 25th August, 2017 by Victoria_27707


Mark before his life changing 4st7lbs weight loss & Mark now!

Last Updated:
Fri, 25 August 2017

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An inspirational slimmer who transformed his life by losing a life changing 4st7lbs, is using his success to shape a whole new career helping other people change their lives for the better too.

“This one week we parked at Castle Hill car park when visiting town (it’s only 6 miles but the thought of cycling or walking to town was, then, non-existent) and I had to stop twice, and nearly passed out, just walking up the hill. Now we planning to walk the 180 mile coast-to coast up the mountains of Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales headlands” says enthused the new Trumpington Meadows Slimming World Consultant, Mark Jenkins.

Mark and his wife, Julie, have lost 10 stone between them in the last 2 years. “That’s the weight of our daughter – incredible isn’t it and, even more than incredible, is that it has been so easily done with Slimming World – in fact it’s been a joy!” “What did you mean by that” I asked “I am always miserable whenever I diet” Mark explaining that with Slimming World Food Optimising you can virtually eat what you like - just fresher, better and real food. Whatsmore, with slimming world programme you never feel hungry.

It all started when a few of Mark’s friends were being diagnosed with diabetes type 2 and they began to explain the scary consequences of that – higher risk of heart disease, potential vision loss and blindness, loss of feeling in hands and feet, sores and the most scary, for Mark, impotence and possibly of a stroke leaving you handicapped and without speech. “This is not a future I wanted for my wife and I. Even then I thought I could do it on my own while Julie joined the local Slimming World group. I lost 12 lbs in the first month and then nothing for the next five months – Julie, my wife, clever clogs and Slimming World member lost 2 ½ stone in the same time period. Her friends, at the group, were also losing at the same rate. I swallowed my pride and joined in the Summer of 2016 and have never looked back.

The group was so supportive, never judgemental, and full of loads of brilliant tips and ideas to lose weight and great recipes to enjoy your food again. Most of all, the group was fun and friendly – I really enjoyed my time at the Slimming World group each week spending most of the hour laughing, strangers have become friends.

After previously dieting Food Optimising was a breath of fresh air. I really enjoy the food I am now eating while, not having to weigh and measure every ingredient, makes cooking a joy. Although every now and then I enjoy a Slimming World full English breakfast (yes you can have that on the Slimming World Plan) most days I have fresh seasonal fruit and yogurt for breakfast – delicious. Lunch could be salad (SW ceasar is favourite) or soup (I have created a great tasting Baked Potato soup using SW principles) or the leftovers from last night tea – mmmm get to enjoy it twice. Evening meals are great fun to plan and so varied and interesting from Spring Veg Orzo pasta to Tamarind and Coconut Dhal. There are lots of great SW versions of the classics; Lasagne, Cottage Pie and Macaroni Cheese. In fact, I prefer the SW versions nowadays!

As well as now loving clothes the big benefit is how much fitter I feel. As I lost my weight exercise became so much easier to the point it has become thoroughly enjoyable. Now days we like a 20 mile cycle through the South Cambs villages on a lovely sunny Sunday morning or a 10 mile clear-the -cobwebs coastal walk, drinking in the stunning views and brisk fresh air. Being fitter and stronger hasn’t just improved way I looked it altered my whole state of mind – I’m now can-do and full of positivity. Sickening, init!?

My friends and family cannot believe the change. We have so much to look forward to now, we are particularly excited about our forthcoming coast-to coast walk – it will be a real challenge (180 miles up hill in 10 days) but we can’t wait.”

Mark is clearly very passionate about wanting to help others lose weight and feel as happy and healthy as he does. Mark is now trained as a Slimming World consultant and can not wait to re-launch the Trumpington Meadows Slimming World group on Wednesday 30th August.

For more information you can contact Mark on: 07967 340193

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