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Somersham's Successful Slimmers Share their Secrets

Added on: 22nd December, 2017 by Lorraine_4329

Somersham's Successful Slimmers Share their Secrets

Sue Cox started her journey on 11th Feb 2016 and has been at her target for over a year!

Last Updated:
Fri, 22 December 2017

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Slimming is not just for January! Somersham Slimming World takes time to recognise and celebrate some of their fabulous target members- who have achieved their weight loss dreams, transformed their lives and are now maintaining their weight beautifully!

Becs Wilderspin, a slimmer turned Slimming World Consultant who has kept her 7st 10lbs weight loss off for 8 months started running Somersham Slimming World group in October. She is taking time to prepare for January and says “In January, many of us make resolutions to be slimmer, healthier and happier in the year ahead. Whilst preparing for the gorgeous new members I hope to welcome and help in January, I started to think and wonder how many people who make these resolutions actually believe they can achieve them? At my warm and friendly group in Somersham I am so lucky to have many target members, who having reached their dream weight now enjoy free membership for life. Every week we benefit from the expertise of our target members, when they help to inspire and motivate others in group by sharing hints, tips and recipe ideas. These people are truly inspirational, they show us all that losing weight and being more active is not just for January! Slimming World’s Food Optimising is a safe and sustainable way to lose weight and it absolutely changes people’s lives for the better. Our Body Magic programme encourages people to be more active, which helps our members get to their target and stay there for life. Food Optimising and Body Magic alongside the powerful and unique support in group is a recipe for success and our fabulous target members are living proof of this”.

One target member who also helps on the Social Team, Sue Cox started her journey on 11th Feb 2016, just after her birthday. Sue says “I didn’t expect it to be plain sailing, but I was determined. I loved trying out new recipes and even experimenting with my own.” Slimming World’s Food Optimising eating plan encourages slimmers to fill up on satisfying, healthy foods like fruit and veg, pasta, rice, potatoes, lean meat, fish and fat-free dairy so they can slim down without ever going hungry. Sue feels that staying to group every week was crucial to her success. She says “Sharing recipes and ideas, seeing other members struggling some weeks and reaching milestones the next, just as I was, meant I wasn’t alone and gave me the motivation to go on.” A year on from when she first reached her target Sue is still very much enjoying the benefits of her weight loss “Now I don’t stress about what to wear when I go out. I’m healthier, happier, more confident and I don’t hate myself anymore. It’s not hard to stay on plan, it’s a way of life. I just remember how unhappy I was with myself and I never want to feel like that again. I’m sensible but not a saint when I go out, and because I still go back every week and stay for IMAGE therapy, there’s no way I will let myself drift back into old bad habits.” Slimming World helps members to learn how to make healthier choices that they can build into their lives long term.

Another of Somersham’s gorgeous target members Tammi Goodwin says “I joined Slimming World as I had gained over a stone after being diagnosed with an underactive thyroid a few years ago and I found it really difficult to shift the weight. Although I didn’t have a huge amount to lose everyone at the group made me feel welcome and never judged. Staying at group every week has helped me stay focused on reaching my end goal. Having the support of everyone and going through the journey with them makes you realise it doesn’t matter how much or how little you have to lose everyone has their own target. I joined in January 2017 and reached my target in June 2017 after having lost 1st 4lb. I’ve managed to stay in target range ever since. I find the plan easy to follow once you get your head around it, it has completely changed the way I look at food and cooking and I would recommend Slimming World to everyone.“

Hannah is one of Somerham’s fabulous newer target members having reached her target in November ‘17. She says “Slimming World has really helped me, I have lost 1 and a half stone in 20 weeks. What I love about Slimming World is that it isn’t a diet, and you don’t go hungry, it’s about healthier choices and these choices become a lifestyle. I enjoy the Slimming World recipes, there are so many online for all meals and healthy snack ideas. Staying to group is really beneficial and our group at Somersham is very friendly and supportive of each other. We gain new ideas from others in IMAGE therapy every week and always help and support each other.”

The Somersham Slimming World group is held every Thursday at 17:30 and 19:30 and Fridays at 9:30am at Victory Hall. Anyone is welcome or for more information about Slimming World visit or call Becs on 07887573336 .

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