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Reviews for Yo Sushi, Cambridge

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4th, Jan 2010

Yo Sushi

With so few Japanese restaurants in Britain, Yo Sushi has pretty much captured the market in this oriental dining experience.

The Yo Sushi format is bound to encourage everyone to give it a go Ė even youngsters, who may not naturally take to raw sea urchins or pickled fish!

Itís a very cosmopolitan, informal style and one which puts diners almost literally into the kitchen, so that you can watch the staff prepare the dishes right before your eyes.

Quite simply it offers a bit of food-time fun, as diners sit together around an American style bar to select anything that captures their eye from the conveyor belt; no cuddly toy with this generation game though!! With prices ranging from £1.70 to £5 per dish (all colour coded), itís easy for your stomach to run away with your wallet. A small selection of Ďsnacksí for two comes in at around £25!!
Chicken Katsu (Crispy fried chicken in Japanese bread crumbs, with a fruity sauce), Salmon Teriyaki, Prawn Tempura... thereís no doubt that Yo Sushi does provide a palatable introduction to Japanese food and an experience that the whole family can enjoy on the hoof.

At the end of the day, itís simply fast food with a twist! Tokyo McDonalds without the fries!!

For pretentious office workers out on a lunchtime date itís probably ideal, but for serious foodies and even for families on a budget, there are better ways to eat.

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